Within the field of accountancy, we provide the following services:

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Payroll administration
  3. GST/HST QST Tax Filings
  4. Compiling Financial Statements
  5. Valuing a Business



You may wish to spend more time doing what you do best and leave your bookkeeping up to us. You may have heard here and there that bookkeeping is not rocket science. We agree. It is not rocket science. Nonetheless, we also believe that professional who obtained some formal training in bookkeeping perform it better and more efficiently than others. Obviously, experience in this sphere also has it’s benefits.

Our experience with processing financial transactions for reporting purpuses extends to over fifteen years. Moreover we are comfortable with startups as well as small to medium sized businesses. Our enthousiastic accountants are pleased to ensure that our clients’ financial records are in ordre and constantly up-to-date. We pride ourselves in knowing that our client are receiving a professional service which is custom fit to their specific needs.

If you wish to delegate your bookkeeping tasks to us; please communicate with us. We will mutually agree on a convenient meeting time to discuss your specific needs.


Compiling Financial Statements

Compilation engagement is the technical term used by CPA Canada to describe the work done by CPA’s when preparing financial statements which will thenafter be accompanied by a Notice to reader signed by one of their members. Our partners have approximately twenty years of experience preparing financial statements for clients of various sizes and industries. Our philosophy in this respect is to prepare financial statements based on their prospective user(s) specific needs.

As a member of CPA Quebec’s professional body, financial statements which I prepare must comply with CPA Canada’s guidances as presented in Chapter 9200 – Compilation Engagements.

These financial statements are oriented towards general use and are usually used for tax purposes. Nonetheless, you may use these financial statements for any other purpose.


Valuing a Business

The need to determine the value of a business may arise for numerous reasons. Whatever the purpose, if you are on the buy side of the transaction, we can assist you at various stages. At the negociation stage, we can bring forth several arguments which make the purchase more affordable. Alternatively, we can advise sellers as to how to structure the transaction in order to minimize subsequent tax consequences.



If you are interested in any of the above services, please communicate with us; we will provide you with any additionnal information as well as a personalized service agreement.


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