Steve Lafrenière, M. Tax, CFA, CPA

Tax Adviser & CPA

Steve oversees all tax planning strategies offered to clients.

Over the fifteen years of experience working for professional accouting firms, Steve Lafrenière’s analytical skills have greatly benefited small to medium sized businesses, and their shareholders.

His initial roles as an external auditor, with PwC and Mazars-Harel-Drouin, have prompted him to continue on his own within the accountancy industry. He offers services with a special focus on income taxation. More specifically, he focuses on corporate tax reorganizations, after-tax financial planning, tax credit application for innovative activities, compliance and general tax research.

Moverover, Mr. Lafrenière completed an undergradute degree in Business Administration in 2000. Subsequently, he obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst designation (“CFA”) as well as the Chartered Professional Accountant (“CPA”) designations.

Sherbrooke University recently granted him a Masters in Taxation. The subject of his final essay was highly oriented toward indirect taxes.

Recognizing that tax laws are constantly evolving as governments adopt new budgets on a yearly basis, Steve Lafrenière is keen on constantly updating his knowledge. As such, he spends a lot of his time reading tax publications issued by both the “Association de planification fiscale et financière” (“APFF”) and the Canadian Tax Foundation (“CTF”).


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